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Does this sound like your child?

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Early rising and plain refusal to go back to sleep

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Frequent and long night wakings

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Naps are a mystery

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Bedtime struggles

Does this sound like you?

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Sneezing is the only time when you are closing your eyes

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Coffee is your new best friend since becoming a parent

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Daydreaming about sleeping

You are not alone.
I can help you!

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I can coach you to understand your child better, but also equip you with all the required tools to keep the good sleeping habits we will implement together.

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I can support you during normally occurring hard times like first newborn months, nap transitions, early rising, too late of a bedtime or endless bedtime parties with your toddler.

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I can help you discover a new version of your child, the good sleeper, the one who puts himself to bed and is excited when bedtime story and goodnight cuddles are around the corner.

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I will guide you through the endless information regarding children’s sleep, helping you distinguish between myth or good quality science and setting you up for success and many good nights of sleep to come.

mother with baby

photo by Hollie Santos

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Hi there, I'm Diana.

So, you have landed on my page, maybe it’s early morning, maybe it’s late at night, maybe you had a nervous breakdown while waiting in line at the groceries store (yes, that was also me as a new mum), now what? What can I actually do for you? Why is it even worth contacting me, reading this or even hoping? Doesn’t everybody know anyway that children just don’t sleep?

Logo Certified by Family Sleep Institute

Certified child sleep consultant, I graduated from the Family Sleep Institute in the USA which is the most well known and serious program of its kind.

No matter why and how you reached my page, rest assured you are not alone in this! There are so many sleep deprived parents out there! I am on a mission to change this, step by step and family by family and I hope I will be able to bring some rest and hope for you as well.

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My Favourite Sleep Packages

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Video or telephone consultation

40 £

During the consultation we will discuss everything about your baby’s sleep patterns and I will answer any questions you might have. I will also help you choose the most suitable package for your situation

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Package for 1 week

95 £

For 7 days following the day you start implementing the plan, you will benefit from my ongoing support in whatever form you will find more suitable, telephone, email or video.

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Package for 2 weeks

127 £

For 14 days following the day you start implementing the plan, you will benefit from my ongoing support in whatever form you will find more suitable, telephone, email or video.

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Package for newborn

55 £

We will have 2 x 45 minutes video or telephone conversations and I will guide you through all do’s and don'ts of the new motherhood regarding your little one’s sleep.

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Home visit package

68 £

Sometimes, real face to face conversations can bring more and faster improvement as we build on a different level of mutual trust.

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Think outside the box


From a mother’s experience, I can confirm that there is no better gift for a new family than professional advice regarding children’s sleep. Offer them a sleepy voucher!

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"When I contacted Diana my baby girl (5 months and a half) was able to fall asleep only in my arms, while breastfeeding or outside, if I took her for a walk. She used to wake up multiple times each night, especially in the second part of the night, and sometimes it was impossible to transfer her back to her crib. Fast forward a couple of days and our nights and bedtime routine changed a lot. Our baby is able to fall asleep and get back to sleep after night wakings without my help, in her own cot, unless it is time for breastfeeding (once or twice a night). And all this happened after working with Diana and following the sleep plan she created for us. Our baby learned to fall asleep on her own much easier than I expected, so I encourage every family who's in doubt because they are afraid of the child's reaction to go for it and give it a try! Diana gave us the confidence we needed to trust our baby and do the changes for the benefit of our whole family. Our baby enjoys her uninterrupted rest and getting our sleep back was a beautiful gift for us. Thank you again, Diana, you are the best!"

Adela F.
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"Diana has significantly helped me to put my baby boy in good order regarding his sleeping habits. Diana is always there for us to help us with any problems that we are facing. She is highly educated and gives a lot of time, compassion and effort in order to help. I'm really grateful for the work she is doing for us! Therefore, I would highly recommend Diana for all families that are facing sleeping problems with their little ones!"

Mira K.
Marseille, France

"If you are looking for a trusted sleep consultant, look no further. Diana is knowledgeable, kind, supportive and reassuring. She is so passionate about helping families get the best sleep of their lives. She truly goes above and beyond for her clients. She helped my nearly 3 year old daughter, who was co-sleeping with me and waking up all through the night, to manage to sleep and fall asleep(!) on her own. We still get the occasional wake up but we are still in the process of learning and with Diana's support, we will definitely get there. Thank you so much for all your dedication and help!"

Ana K.
London, UK

"Diana supported us during a critical time with our 5m old baby. She is very knowledgeable, hands on and her tips and tricks are so useful! Her help was super appreciated. I highly recommend her! THANK YOU DIANA! Keep in touch!"

Roxana D.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Diana was recommended to me by a friend, despite my sleep thief being a toddler approaching three, Diana was happy to take us on as clients. She helped us as a family iron out some bad habits and set some good intentions to get my little boy in to a routine whereby he can self soothe at bedtime. It's a work in progress but has improved massively and Diana has always set realistic expectations with us. Frequent telephone contact is unrealistic for me since I have two older boys, but Diana was happy to text and provide tips and support via text. I would encourage you to make the move and contact Diana. Thanks Sally "

Sally L.
Sheffield, UK

"Diana is absolutely incredible! We have just finished working with her after two weeks and I miss her already! Diana worked with us as part of her graduation project so worked with us pro bono. My one year old daughter has gone from sleeping in my bed and waking multiple times per night, to sleeping in her own room and SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! She is also napping really well on her own and has stopped using a dummy. It's made such a difference to our lives and our sleep.Diana is so supportive, knowledgable and kind. She really tailored the plan around our circumstances and wishes and was so invested in our journey. I felt like I could ask her anything and trusted her implicitly as she is so well read and researched. She also really supported me when I was finding it hard or was doubting myself.100% recommend to anyone struggling with their children's sleep. Diana was born to do this work and she is just amazing!"

Adele D.
Sheffield, UK

"Although we are still in the learning process for the self soothing skills and independent sleep, we can clearly see the progress. Our baby, who is 9 months old, could not sleep longer than 30 minutes for a day nap and during the night she used to wake up at least 4 or 5 times. Now she is sleeping 1 hour and 30 minutes for day naps and during the night she only wakes up once, for milk. There are also less good days, when she wakes up more frequent due to teeth pain, but even so, the progress and difference are undebatable. We are so grateful for Diana’s help and we warmly encourage you to use her services and trust her!"

Madalina B.
Sibiu, Romania

"Super lovely, super helpful and super responsive. We got in touch ahead of the tricky own-room transfer for some advice and she not only provided some great tailor made tips but also checked in afterwards to see how we’d got on. Really knowledgeable and approachable - can’t recommend highly enough"

May W.
Sheffield, UK

"Diana helped me understand my child’s sleep better. She gave me good advice and made sure I understood everything. She is very supportive and even after our session she reached out to ask how we are doing. Mammas out there, if you haven’t slept well for months, I feel you. If you want to change it, Diana is ready to help you."

Katja P.
Maribor, Slovenia

"Diana is the kind of person who can turn even a skeptic around, which she did with us. She is kind and dedicated, she gave us courage, especially me, and thus laid down the path for a better understanding of our 18 months old boy. From 7-10 night wake-ups during the night, namely bottle feedings, we are to zero bottle feedings and no wake-ups, something I didn’t think was even possible since there hasn’t been a night like that since we welcomed our baby boy. Her knowledge and her faith in my abilities as a mother gave me the confidence I lacked to “untrain” bad sleep habits and to have a rested boy. I am forever thankful to her!"

Corina C.
Sibiu, Romania

"I totally recommend Diana. She is very supportive, kind and patient. She gave me all the time the support that I needed and even now, when we completed the seasion with her she still wants to know about us and is always keeping in touch with us. Thanks Diana for everything."

Diana B.
Sibiu, Romania

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